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Scaling After iOS 14.5: How We Scaled To Over $20,000 Per Day in 6 Days

Grab an overview of how we are currently scaling after iOS 14.5 via omni-channel marketing & measuring performance using Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) to achieve long-term gains with paid traffic. We scaled this brand to over $20,000 per day on Black Friday from $2,000 per day in 6 days. We achieved this through omni-channel marketing, learn more on how we are able to scale quickly post iOS 14.5 update & what our campaign structure(s) are.

Sales in 24 Hours
Facebook Ads

Pet Brand: How We Boosted Their Revenue By USD $200,000+ Per Month In 27 Days.

Read more on how we generated an extra $200,000+ in monthly revenue at a 2.60X ROAS for a brand new client, within 4 weeks of working together. We achieved these results on a fresh pixel, new ad account, and no prior data. Learn the creative formula that 10x'd this brand's sales in less than 30 days. We achieved these results solely through Facebook Ads.

Revenue Increase
Return On Investment
Facebook Ads

Brand Relaunch: From $970/day to $12,000/day in 11 days

How we utilized the Black Friday & Cyber Monday surge to accelerate one of our personally-owned brands from $250 Daily Ad Spend to $5,000 Daily Ad Spend in just over a week. $5,000.00 per day is the standard Facebook Daily Spend Limit on new accounts. Due to this constraint we weren't able to scale further in this short timeframe. Read more inside this case study on how we achieved these numbers and what went wrong.

Daily Ad Spend
Revenue in 24H