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Implementing High Level Strategies To Generate Desired ROI.

If you're tired of misleading promises by inexperienced agencies, you're in the right place. Stop falling for contract traps and hidden fees and partner with a performance-driven advertising team.

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We specialize in Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Email Marketing. Don't see a service you are looking for? Reach out to us and we will refer you to Titan Media's partner agencies.

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The great team of industry experts behind Titan Media

With years of experience in running ads online for our businesses and managing and generating multiple millions with eCommerce with our team, we've mastered the art of online advertising and have created a proven-to-work framework for growing businesses which can be applied to any brand to generate massive ROI.

About Us
not your traditional advertising agency

We're incomparable to traditional Advertising Agencies.

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Profitable Annual Growth.

We have provided our clients with opportunities to exit their businesses. We are the ideal Advertising team for clients who need to drive their brand to a large exit while maintaining profitability.

Dedicated Account Representative.

Your business will be assigned to a dedicated account representative who will understand the ins-and-outs of your brand. You will be placed in a direct chat with them for 24/7 communication.

our process simplified

The Titan Formula (AES)

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1. Audit

  • Account Audit & Restructure
  • Detailed Strategy Analysis
  • Identify Hidden Opportunities

2. Execution

  • Executing the Strategy Analysis
  • Campaign & Content Creation
  • A Ban Proof Account Structure

3. Scale

  • Campaign Analysis & Budget
  • Trimming To Optimize Net Profit
  • Increase Content Output & Scale
our recent Case Studies

We'll let the results do the talking.

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Scaling After iOS 14.5: How We Scaled To Over $20,000 Per Day in 6 Days

Grab an overview of how we are currently scaling after iOS 14.5 via omni-channel marketing & measuring performance using Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) to achieve long-term gains with paid traffic. We scaled this brand to over $20,000 per day on Black Friday from $2,000 per day in 6 days. We achieved this through omni-channel marketing, learn more on how we are able to scale quickly post iOS 14.5 update & what our campaign structure(s) are.

Sales in 24 Hours
Facebook Ads

Pet Brand: How We Boosted Their Revenue By USD $200,000+ Per Month In 27 Days.

Read more on how we generated an extra $200,000+ in monthly revenue at a 2.60X ROAS for a brand new client, within 4 weeks of working together. We achieved these results on a fresh pixel, new ad account, and no prior data. Learn the creative formula that 10x'd this brand's sales in less than 30 days. We achieved these results solely through Facebook Ads.

Revenue Increase
Return On Investment

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

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"Titan Media has been a pleasure to partner with and integrate into my brand. Not only have they assisted in optimizing my digital marketing vehicles, but also providing my brand with a consultative approach to make sure we are making conscious decisions on how to scale forward. The vast networking experience Titan provides, and the consistent up-to-date resources are a crucial part of our brand now. We highly recommend Titan media and look forward to continuing our success together."

- Christopher S.
eCommerce brand owner

"Titan Media truly helped me aggressively scale my brand, they managed to 3x my revenue and still maintain a 3+ ROAS."

- Alam C.
eCommerce brand owner

"I’ve been using Titan Media for two years now, and I can genuinely say that they have changed my life. Titan Media has helped grow my brand immensely and has outgrown all competition within. I was on the verge of quitting; words cannot describe how thankful I am to be working with them. They’re straightforward to work with, professional, and very responsive. It will always be a pleasure to collaborate with Titan Media."

- M. Daniaal
eCommerce brand owner
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